The land of the condor has its ancestral cradle located in the sacred lake Titikaka, a lake surrounded by the royal mountain range of the Andes. Thousands of years ago, in this place, Pachamama and Pachaqamak (mother and father, creators of the cosmos) appeared and taught their children how to walk in life. This message was shared generation after generation over thousands of years in the mountains, passing by culture after culture and period after period to reach us

We want to share this learning, in these six workshops, in addition to sowing a musical work of restitution of pre-Columbian instruments that we inaugurated this year in Bolivia, to transmit the knowledge and practice of Andean music in the last two days.

Everyone who feels the call is very welcome to participate.

This workshop is composed by 6 classes:

  1. Manqapacha, Darkness. The other creations before the children of the sun
  2. Akapacha, Earth. Humans, animals and plants, the sacred relationship
  3. Alaxpacha, Universe. The grandparents of the cosmos and their legacy on earth
  4. Amaypacha, Ancestors. Death, an understanding of the ancestors
  5. Music workshop, theory about sound and its spirit
  6. Music workshop, Andean musical practice

$180 6 clases
$40 each class
Payment by Venmo or Cash App. Please text at 954-6070913 or

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