Founded in 2002, I LOVE YOGA designs, creates and distributes yoga inspired tees, tops, tanks, pants, jackets, hats, jewelry and accessories.
By choosing to wear an I Love Yoga designed product one joins forces with a company whose intention is to bring yogic love to the world
The mission of I LOVE YOGA is to bring a loving consciousness to planet Earth. We believe the best way to do that is by teaching people to keep their hearts open. With an open heart, people can be connected, inspired, nurtured and free. Our way of doing all this is to make really cool, unique clothing, run a truly awesome yoga studio and offer classes in creating a conscious lifestyle.

Our company’s logo features a heart that is open at the top. When things get difficult, our hearts tend to close down. Our vision gets small. We remind people to keep an open heart and maintain a big picture of life.

We create items of clothing that inspire and uplift. We even empower people to design and their own clothes as they wish. Everybody chooses clothing that signifies who they are, what they’re a part of and what they stand for. Why not something spiritual?

The sacred symbols on our clothing have a vibration that spreads love, both to people who recognize them and to people who don’t. Just seeing these symbols helps awaken consciousness to a higher reality. It connects a network of souls in a new experience of unity. A simple article of clothing can attract amazing people.

Our I LOVE YOGA consciousness is here for anyone who wants it. We give and receive in freedom and love, allowing each person to discover their own place in the network.

We also regularly travel the country, doing lectures, workshops and videos about the new consciousness. It’s in everything we do.

I LOVE YOGA is a platform for anything that expresses the awakened consciousness. People already wear clothing, exercise and create environments. So why not do these things in a way that expresses the highest consciousness and awakens the higher consciousness of others?

I LOVE YOGA is a powerful, loving, radiant center for the universal life force.